VP of Growth

Help us bring cupid.ly to millions.

Position: Full Time

Location: Downtown Chico, California

Are you a growth-hacking warlock who knows exactly how to command hoards of targeted users through a sales funnel? Are you constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to siphon traffic from all corners of the internet? Are you an data driven perfectionist that is willing to think outside the box at all times? If this sounds like you then we want you on our growth team.

What we’re looking for

✔ You have strong relationships with people at Facebook and Google.

✔ Experience driving growth through scalable, and non-scalable ways

✔ Expertise in paid acquisition and performance marketing

Bonus Points

✔ You have experience in the affiliate marketing world

✔ You’re a Mixpanel and GA ace.

✔ You have legit technical or design skills

How to apply: Send your resume and a cover letter to jobs [at] cupid.ly